Talent search

Using research to help you hire the best talent into an immediate need at a reduced cost and time to hire

If you have a growing sense of unease about engaging search consultants, feel there must be a better way, or want to take a different approach to finding high-performing people who can transform your organisation – we can help.

Experts in identifying the very best senior talent, professionals and technical specialists, we’re helping many of the world’s leading organisations hire better people at significantly reduced cost. The focus remains on quality, just delivered at a lower, transparent cost.

Talent search is an innovative and cost effective way to take a whole of market view to discover key individuals with in-demand skill sets. Our approach finds both the high-performing individuals who are never visible in the marketplace or actively looking, as well as those seeking their next challenge. This highly tuned, flexible approach gives real advantage to organisations competing for individuals who are ‘best in class’ and not just ‘best in process’.

We configure our service on a project-by-project basis to meet your specific needs and can include identification, organisational and functional mapping, candidate approach and engagement, scheduling and correspondence and offer management to strengthen your own capability as needed.


Case Studies

We were asked to find a high calibre CFO who had left a Russia based business to hold a senior position in a developed Western market, and then returned to Russia. We located the successful candidate and our client paid a fraction of the cost of traditional head-hunting.

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