Talent pipelining

Build a pipeline of talent to meet short, medium or long term hiring needs

Talent Pipelining helps you transform your approach to strategic resourcing through the creation of sustainable and intelligent talent pipelines (or high quality, engaged puddles!) to meet current and future hiring needs.

It is a direct response to the demands of organisations looking for a paradigm shift in recruitment practice. Tired of expensive, time-consuming and reactive activities that can lead to unsatisfactory appointments or high attrition, they are rightly calling for a fresh, effective alternative to job boards, agencies and traditional search.

Our approach applies the very latest sourcing methodologies combined with professional, telephone-based research to identify high-performing individuals and to reach out and engage them in a mutually beneficial career dialogue, and to keep them engaged on an ongoing basis. Underpinned by the latest innovations in Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software, we’re helping our clients build career-long relationships with key individuals to ensure there is already a powerful rapport established when appropriate positions occur.

This modular, totally flexible solution is designed to either provide overspill support for in-house teams to cope with peaks in demand, or as an outsourced solution for all or part of the process.


Case Studies

We identified over three hundred cloud talent professionals and, aside from successfully filling eight vacancies, are actively managing relationships for our client, so that individuals are ready to move into the business  when vacancies arise.

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