Is Insight Informing Your Talent Decisions?


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German writer and statesman once said:

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.”

I am sure that we can all confess to being guilty of rushing into action before we have fully gained an understanding of a situation we are trying to address. Our crime – simply not taking enough time to collate, analyse, understand and develop a truly insightful course of action based on the known facts and information available to us.

But, if we do take our time, then this gives us the opportunity to gain that all important information and assess the key facts. This in turn then allows us to construct a viable and insightful course of action which can potentially save us time, money and embarrassment.

Managers are essentially decision makers, and as decision makers, managers need knowledge and information to help them to assess their options and assist them in their decision-making. But if they are unaware of crucial information, this can seriously hinder their ability to make the right decisions which in turn can have serious repercussions.

Decision makers need to obtain information which will enable them to assess the suitability of the available options open to them and which in turn will help them decide on the ‘best’ course of action. As decision makers, managers assess the ‘payoff’ for each alternative based on a calculation of the outcomes. For example, what would be the most appropriate channel for a new product to gain entry into a new market? In short, they select the ‘best’ option that solves the problem which confronts them. Thus, we can see that information is a key component in the decision-making process; without information, and the right kind of information, decision-making becomes severely restricted.

Imagine that your company has just announced a new, ambitious and challenging strategic plan which will involve it investing and launching new products, entering new markets in new geographical locations and opening new facilities – all these factors will, of course, impact finance, operations, logistics, marketing and sales, etc. But, what will the impact be on your company’s talent agenda?

You need to make the right talent decisions – you need to have the right people in the right roles in the right locations at the right time to support and underpin your company’s strategic ambitions. Decisions need to be made, but first, you’re going to need to consider your options. As a Talent Acquisition professional you will need to acquire access to information that enables you to assess the suitability of your options and helps you decide what the ‘best’ alternatives are. In the first instance, you need a clear ‘road map’, you need to understand what lies ahead; you need to understand where the twists and turns are on the road and how severe they are, where the blind bends are, etc. – in short, you need to understand the external talent landscape.

This is where Talent Research and Insight comes into play.

In my view, it is imperative that your Talent Research and Insight activity is placed at the centre of your resourcing activities whilst also being aligned to your company’s strategic plan. This will then allow you to obtain that vital information, insight and ultimately the understanding you need to make informed talent decisions which will, in turn, have a much stronger and relevant impact on the outcomes you want to achieve both from a talent and organisational perspective.

At Write Research our unique ability to look outside a client’s organisation into the external talent landscape enables us to provide them with the insight and understanding they are looking for and is vital to helping them make the rightdecisions. Using advanced research skills, and methodologies that are constantly refreshed to reflect the latest technological innovations, we transform empirical data and collated information into powerful talent insights that help our clients make informed decisions.

Our broad range of services includes salary, reward and benefits surveys, labour market assessments, talent activity insight and perception or brand audits. Our Talent Insight ensures people are part of the strategic planning process, reducing risk, and helping you make sound informed business decisions.

Ultimately, knowledge and information generated via insight from real-time research can make a real difference by assisting companies to make better-informed people decisions.

Paul is a Business Development Director at the Write Research Company and helps organisations make better-informed people decisions based on real-time insight from talent research.


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