Business challenges driving 2016 talent trends for the Healthcare & Life Science sector

Business challenges driving 2016 talent trends for the Healthcare & Life Science sector

I know, I know… another PULSE about the year ahead. What can I say – I needed to be included! Four elements influencing the war on talent in our sector form my, much longer, list of challenges ahead.

Insurers need to innovate in 2016! However, and more to the point, the biotech industry may be unwilling to broker innovative cost saving deals. The shift from a payment to a reimbursement landscape is forcing biopharmacutical companies to deliver enhanced patient outcome. The need to demonstrate innovative evidence-based value outcomes will drive demand for data talent.

Much of the collaboration in the year ahead will come with the IT sector. Safe and secure access to sensitive patient data by multiple organisations is going to be at a premium in 2016. With Medical data worth an estimated five times that of financial, there exists the ongoing challenge of customer trust and security for the industry. Digital security and cloud computing skills will likely be highly sought after.

Customer insights hold the key to rocketing success for the life science sector in 2016. Much like the world of online shopping, life science companies will need to map and understand how consumers of their product want to access information. New talent profiles will be in demand that can marry strategic, data-led consumer insights with available therapies.

Nestle Health Sciences will be a company of interest as they look to drive the future of a new pharma and food industry. Nutraceuticals will continue to grow, driven by the consumer. The requirement for key talent in functions such as regulatory, R&D and consumer marketing will only increase the war on these existing talent types. 


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